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Medical Education Grants & IIT

Medical Education Grants & IIT

Independent Medical Education Grants

The Viela Bio Office of Grants and Education supports medical grants intended to provide non-promotional, current scientific information to U.S. healthcare professionals (HCPs) and the scientific community in order to improve patient health.

Viela Bio will review grant applications from hospitals, professional associations, community health centers, managed care organizations, academic medical centers, accredited medical education providers, and medical education and/or communication companies/providers.

For more information and to submit a grant application, please access our medical education grant website at:

Investigator Initiated Trials

Viela Bio supports independent Investigator Initiated Trials (IIT), which are studies developed and sponsored by an independent Third Party Sponsor without any Viela Bio influence.

Supported IIT can include studies conducted in human subjects and/or studies that require a subject’s consent. Viela Bio may support the conduct of the study with provision of funds and/or Viela Bio drug supply.

Viela Bio will review applications from institutions (academic or governmental) and individual investigators or groups of investigators.

More information on Areas of support can be found by following the below link to the application: