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Our Commitment

At Viela, we are innovating therapies that we believe can have a meaningful impact on patients who suffer from severe and debilitating autoimmune diseases. Currently, there are over 23 million people in the U.S. alone living with autoimmune disease, however, current therapies available are rarely considered curative. Even with modern standards of care, patients may suffer from disease progression.

Our approach to drug discovery is aimed at providing targeted treatments for improved outcomes for the thousands of patients who have few or no therapeutic options.

We recently secured our first U.S. FDA product approval with UPLIZNA® for the treatment of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD) in adult patients who are anti-aquarporin-4 (AQP4) antibody positive. Ensuring access to what we believe could be an important new therapeutic option for these patients is our number one priority, as we continue to advance its development in a number of follow-on indications.

Additionally, we are advancing VIB4920 as a potential treatment for autoimmune diseases and conditions such as Sjögren’s syndrome and kidney transplant rejection, and VIB7734 for diseases such as Sjögren’s syndrome. See for additional information about our clinical studies.